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Our mediation and negotiation firm is led by Principals Nazarita Goldhammer and Dr. Kevin Boileau. Both Goldhammer and Boileau are Senior Mediators, expert in financial analysis, game theory analysis, psychoanalysis, and mediation theory.

The Bay Area's Premier Divorce Mediation Firm. We Take The Fight Out Of Your Divorce.

We can help you with your Divorce Mediation now. We are a highly trained, premier Family Law Mediation Firm. We pride ourselves on providing only the best service for our clients. The Divorce Mediators at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation can help resolve your divorce and help you get on with your life. Contact us today. 

What Our Clients Say 

"Mediators earn their money by helping you settle. They promote peaceful negotiation, and quick, efficient, and equitable settlements.."

Paul B.

What Makes Us Different

We utilize the most current research on effective negotiation, mediation, collaboration and cooperation in non-adversarial forms of conflict resolution and management. Our comprehensive approach helps you make productive and positive decisions.

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Santa Clara Divorce Mediation can take you from the very beginning of your separation and divorce all the way through the final divorce decree. We can help you set up parenting time schedules, holiday and vacation schedules and help you work through any other issues you may have related to your divorce. Come to Santa Clara Divorce Mediation , and let us take the fight out of your divorce.