Need Hardball Divorce Negotiation?
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Is your spouse or partner not cooperating with you in your divorce  or seperation?

You can either litigate in an expensive way or enter into hardball negotiations that are less costly, more efficient, and time-saving. If you are in this situation but do not want to pay for:

  • Time-Wasting.
  • Inefficient, Protracted Litigation.
  • High Attorney Fees.

You can hire us as your negotiator or negotiating consultant.

We will use sophisticated game theory mathematics, applied psychoanalysis, and other innovative techniques and tools to bring your spouse into legal reality on your case.

Don't Litigate, let us negotiate.

We can either be disclosed or undisclosed, as we engage in creative financial and psychological analysis in such a way to resolve your case much more quickly than in ongoing litigation. Call us today. 408-340-7748


Kevin was able to quickly assess the psychological impasse my husband and I were having, and this enabled us to move our case forward even though our two lawyers could not. I recommend that anyone call him to consult in their case. -BT

I had a really complicated case and Boileau and Goldhammer understood it right away. This helped my wife and I sort things out quickly and move on. -JJ