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We can help you with your Divorce Mediation now.  We are Santa Clara's premier Family Law Mediation Firm. We pride ourselves on providing only the best service for our clients. The Divorce Mediators at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation can help resolve your divorce and help you get on with your life. Contact us today. 

One of San Jose's premier divorce mediation firms.

The decision to separate or divorce is one of the most difficult and disruptive events a couple can face. Call Today: 408.499.5062

Once the decision has been made, couples are often overwhelmed with emotion and stunned by the duration and cost of traditional venues for resolution. We are able to offer superior alternatives to conventional separation and divorce related processes at a fraction of the cost.

Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is affordable at only $375 - $395 per hour for the combined time and services both parties use.  When you compare that to the cost of using 2 attorneys at hourly rates of up to $500 per hour per party, the savings are obvious. What may not be as obvious is that you will likely use far less hours to reach a resolution with a mediator.  While an attorney’s job is to fight for you, and your spouse’s attorney is to fight for them, a mediator’s job is to help you reach a settlement.  The focus is not on what one party can take from the other.  Rather, the focus is on how to maximize a couple’s assets and divide them fairly without using them all on attorney’s fees.

Our senior mediators can take you from the very beginning of your separation and divorce all the way through the final divorce decree.  We can help you set up parenting time schedules, holiday and vacation schedules and help you work through any other issues you may have related to your divorce.  Come to Santa Clara Mediation, and let us take the fight out of your divorce.

Our Mediation services are affordable at only $375 - $395 per hour for the time and services you use.

We believe that, when given guidance and opportunity, people can work together to resolve their disputes in a way that benefits the whole family. We are committed to mediation as a process which helps families fulfill their joint and individual responsibilities in new and productive ways.

Take charge of your future by managing the decisions that impact you and your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see if Mediation is the right approach for you.

Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is the Santa Clara area's premier Family Law Mediation Firm. We pride ourselves on providing only the best service for our professional clientele. We specialize in international clients, trust fund families, and business executives. We are experts in high-asset, complex divorces, are discreet, and offer our services using convenient high-tech communication platforms so you don’t have to take time away from your demanding schedule. Our highly-trained mediators provide comprehensive services, working with both partners efficiently, creating comprehensive financial and parenting plan agreements, completing the court paperwork and filing on your behalf. Our services include:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • International Divorce and Parenting Plans
  • Marital Mediation
  • Estate Planning and Probate Mediation
  • Consultation
  • Paperwork Creation and Filing Services

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Santa Clara Mediation is the intelligent choice for our professional clientele. We are a step above your average mediators. We provide you with cost-effective, results-oriented, cooperative solutions to interpersonal conflicts.

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Our Staff

Our mediators quickly assess the dynamics of your conflict and provide you witha range of effective responses and action steps. We utilize the most current research on effective negotiation, mediation, collaboration and cooperation in non-adversarial forms of conflict resolution and management.

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Divorce Mediation Services

We utilize the most current research on effective negotiation, mediation, collaboration and cooperation in non-adversarial forms of conflict resolution and management. Our comprehensive approach helps you make productive and positive decisions.

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Our remote services and infrastructure have been set up and in place for many years and we have full capacity

to service your divorce mediation needs seamlessly.

Using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facetime and teleconferencing not only saves time and money but also retains ultimate flexibility.

E file is used to submit court documents safely.

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