Divorce Arbitration California

Divorce Arbitration California

The first thing to say here is that we would always advise you to use a divorce mediation service to try and settle your divorce rather than go through the expense and the possible conflict that will arise with litigation. If you cannot resolve your differences with a divorce mediator then you can use divorce arbitration in California.

Divorce arbitration is not the same as going to court. It is less formal but more formal than a divorce mediation session. Divorce arbitration in California is conducted behind closed doors and is not a public gathering like the court. There are no records for the public to look at afterwards either.

What is the role of a Divorce Arbitrator in California?

The prime role of a divorce arbitrator is to make a final decision about your divorce settlement. You need to be aware that the decision of a divorce arbitrator in California is binding on both spouses and usually there is no means of appeal.

How is a Divorce Arbitrator in California chosen?

You and your spouse will choose the divorce arbitrator that you want. It is in your interest to choose a divorce arbitrator in California that has experience in the area where your dispute lies.

For example there are some divorce arbitrators that are specialists in child custody, others that are experts in taxation and some are real estate experts. So for example if you have reached an impasse with your spouse about the custody of your children go for an expert in this area.

A divorce arbitrator is always neutral and quite often they can be retired judges or maybe a lawyer. It is usual for divorce arbitrators to be paid on an hourly basis so you need to find out how much they will charge you before you make the final decision.

If you have used a divorce mediator then always ask their opinion on the suitability of a divorce mediator in California. If you have used divorce lawyers then ask their advice. At the end of the day it is up to you and your spouse to make the final choice.

Where does a Divorce Arbitration in California take place?

There is no waiting around for divorce arbitration in California. It will happen at a time and a private place that suits the parties concerned. The spouses can even define the process of the divorce arbitration on the advice of their mediator or lawyers. The arbitrator will take as long as they need to make a final decision and you cannot influence this.

Divorce arbitration in California is popular because it is conducted in total privacy. Most people are not happy to disclose their personal details in public and the factors that have resulted in their divorce. Divorce arbitration is not legal in all states but it is in California.

What happens during a Divorce Arbitration in California?

At the divorce arbitration hearing the arbitrator will hear about the unresolved dispute and any evidence that supports both spouses. They will then deliberate on this information and make a final and binding decision.

If you want a divorce arbitration in California then we can help you. We have access to several arbitrators who have the necessary experience for your case. For more details please click this link.

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