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Divorce Mediation – Understanding the Process

Divorce mediation is a process that allows divorcing couples to get divorced for less money than it would cost if they hired lawyers. Even if you hire attorneys, in Santa Clara County your case still goes through mediation. Thus, if you hire a private mediator beforehand you can work out your issues—financial, psychological, and legal—in an efficient and cooperative way.


The Divorce Mediation Process in San Jose

At our firm, we collect summaries of your financial documents, including property, bank accounts, 401ks, income, and any other source of money. Then we talk to each spouse privately to see what the possibilities are for division. These negotiations are often completed within 2-3 weeks, during which time we complete ALL your court documents, write your parenting plan, write your settlement agreement, and take care of unique issues that arise in your case.


Remote Divorce Sessions in San Jose

For some of our private and confidential conversations with each of you, we use Skype, Zoom, Webex, or Facetime, to get preliminary information from you without the anxiety of having your spouse in the same room. This saves time and money—you don’t have to drive and you don’t have to find parking.


Confidentiality Agreement

Our mediation process is confidential. Anything you negotiate or discuss is private and confidential. We will not disclose your conversations to anyone, ever. This allows both spouses to take full control over their case and talk about these matters in a frank and candid way, which allows for complete resolution, legally, financially, and psychologically.


Sample of Typical services

For a cooperative, uncontested divorce Each case is unique and therefore, will have small variations.

Beginning Steps

  • Initial Free Consultation
  • Letter of Engagement signed
  • Retainer Paid
  • Questionnaire sent and received
  • Initial individual mediation meetings

Document Filing & Calculations

  • Petition and Response filed and served
  • Individual joint mediation meetings as needed
  • Income Expense (budget) meetings
  • Asset Debt document completed
  • Preparation of community property equalization analysis & document
  • Development of parenting plan if children
  • Development of child support calculations
  • Development of spousal support and buyout calculations
  • Additional calculations as needed, including RSUs, family business
  • Draft and finalize marital settlement agreement
  • Prepare & finalize judgment documents
  • Finalize, sign, and file all remaining documents


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