Divorce Mediation – Duration and Costs

Divorce Mediation San Jose – How Long Does It Take?


Divorce litigation can be a costly and lengthy procedure when it’s done by hiring lawyers and engaging in a litigious, contentious process. It is often 3 – 5 times as much money as private mediation. In addition, the courts are congested with a lot of cases and this will add on several months to getting your divorce. That’s where a divorce mediator steps in. You don’t have to pay the outrageous fees that lawyers are charging or have to deal with congested court schedules. When you work with a mediator you are able to keep your costs down and in most cases the duration of the divorce process is much quicker.

At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation, we can usually completely mediate and file your case within 4 weeks. Then all you have to do is wait for the court to review your paperwork plus the required statutory wait period of 6 months. Negotiations and paperwork can vary depending upon the complexity of your case. For example, sometimes it takes a little longer to negotiate a good parenting plan, to valuate the spouse’s small businesses if they have them, or to divide property if there are a number of items or bank accounts.

The Costs Involved

It is expensive to hire a divorce lawyer even when dealing with a simple divorce that doesn’t include children or a lot of assets. In our experience, when parties each hire a lawyer, total divorce costs can easily be 3 – 5 times as much as mediation. This is because you are only paying one professional or professional team rather than two law firms. The mediation process is also much faster and more streamlined for resolution rather than posturing in a win-lose dynamic like litigation.

Mediation is more efficient, cheaper, and faster than litigation. At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation, we can get your whole case mediated and filed within 4 weeks, sometimes less.

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