Divorce Mediation

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative divorce process that focuses on the needs of the individuals in the context of the family instead of the competitive & adversarial legal process where one or both sides compete against each other. Mediation offers an excellent alternative to the typical adversarial approach to divorce.
It is much less expensive, it yields positive results for all involved, including your children, and it gives you – not the legal system – power over the process and ownership of the results.

During mediation you collect and share large amounts of information and documentation with your partner, use creative thinking to develop and evaluate options for resolving issues, make mutual agreements together, and plan the best possible future for each of you and your children.Divorce Mediation walks you through the process to divide property, build individual budgets for your separate futures, and develop workable parenting plans. Your agreements are summarized into a Memorandum of Agreement that is used to complete all the necessary legal documents for your divorce.