A Deeply Meaningful Way to Communicate with Your Partner

Sometimes in relationships, words come out the wrong way and can end up hurting your partner or spouse’s feelings unintentionally. Psychologists are always looking for a successful way to help couples communicate their feelings.There is a new way of communication by following a five step procedure. In a short synopsis, you are trying to put yourself in your partners shoes as well as your own and come up with an agreement before even speaking to each other. That way, you can avoid saying “the wrong thing”.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you feel connected to each other, go inside your own heart and mind to explore how you feel in this moment.
  • Rely upon all you remember about past interactions between the two of you when you’ve talked about this topic before.
  • Step outside of the interaction that is happening between the two of you, as if you were witnessing it in a movie

San Jose, CA, 2001

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