Mediation vs. Litigation vs. Pro Se

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We know that mediation is vastly superior to litigation, especially when it comes to family law. Mediation is designed as a “win-win” process. We work with you and listen to your particular needs and interests and help you come to a resolution that works for you. The court system decides who wins and who loses. Conflict within the family, divorce and custody matters should not be decided by a judge who knows nothing about you and your particular needs. Any court order may not be sustainable because it may not fit with what you and your family actually needs. This means you could wind up back in court arguing about things that could have been solved in a mediated agreement.

Within the mediation process, you hire one mediator and the process is designed to be respectful. If you decide to go the litigation route, each of you will need to hire an attorney. The process becomes adversarial. This costs you time and money that can be better spent on you and your family’s future. Mediation is less expensive as it can take less time and you can cut your costs in half because you are only paying for one professional.

You could decide to go the do-it-yourself route. This takes time away from all of the work and family demands you already must meet. The court system, especially in California, is complex and time consuming. The paperwork must be complete by court deadlines and up to the standards set up by
California law. The court’s calendar is backlogged. We are experts on California law and the court system requirements. Our experienced and efficient mediators do this work on your behalf. We draft and file your documents and work with the court system so you don’t have to.