Blind Spots

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The mentioning of blind spots typically causes us to correlate the term with driving, but did you know that us humans have blind spots as well? During the times that we are experiencing emotional arousal, it is exceptionally hard for us to become self-aware by evaluating and analyzing how our thoughts and actions are projecting onto others while hurting ourselves in the process. By becoming aware of these blind spots, we can do a better job at helping them become more present within our line of vision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to utilize your partner’s view as a rear view mirror. Look at the reflection of yourself and put yourself in their shoes.
  • When recognizing flaws in your partner, ask yourself if you are embodying the opposite traits of those flaws.
  • You do have the ability to intentionally change the lack of self-awareness in order to improve your interpersonal relationships.
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