Business Mediation

“Mediation is your best option when things get heated”

Mediation is your best option when things get heated with a business or between two different businesses. When business activities are involved, you’ll want to get things sorted out as soon as possible and get the show on the road. At times, companies can lose thousands or even millions of dollars by engaging in case disputes that only may the lawyers richer.

Businesses should never turn to litigation before giving mediation a good shot. Mediation can handle a variety of different business conflicts including the following:

  • Debt collections
  • Business and commercial conflicts
  • Dissolution disputes
  • Employment issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Trademark and copyright
  • Business torts
  • Real estate
  • Unfair practices
  • Breach of contracts

We Work With Both Sides

We work with both sides in a confidential environment so that resolutions can be brought to the table with solutions that will satisfy the needs of both parties. Even when issues seem very complex we can simplify things to the best of our abilities so that unique solutions can be worked out with a new approach. Clarifying the situation helps to resolve complicated issues that seem to get even more complex the more litigation is involved.

Sustainable And Viable Solutions

We work with small and mid-size businesses as well as with large corporations. If you start a company or are an entrepreneur we can help you as well. We pride ourselves on providing sustainable and viable solutions for any and all types of business conflicts. We have worked with many different companies in the past and have helped them avoid lengthy litigation that could have lasted for years. We know that this is not in the best interest of any company.

When You Need Help Negotiating

Running a business is all about maintaining relationships within the company environment as well as with other businesses, the public and with customers. A breakdown in a relationship can seriously damage the company and its image. It doesn’t take long before the business income starts to decrease as litigation starts to drain the finances. When you work with a mediator, however, you can avoid spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on lawyer fees that never seem to end. You’ll find that mediation rates are more than reasonable compared with the amount of money you have to spend on attorney fees.

There is a special type of approach that should be taken with business mediation when compared to the approach taken with divorce mediation. When you need help negotiating with your business activities, reach for a mediator that has a lot of expertise in this area. It’s very important to separate domestic types of negotiations from business negotiations and only a mediator that has extensive experience should be considered to work with a company to sort out its very important business issues.

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