Choosing Divorce Mediation to Resolve Your 2024 Divorce

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As the holiday season fades into the rearview mirror, January often marks a time when
individuals contemplate making major life changes. One of the most important life decisions you
can make is to pursue a divorce. January is often called “divorce month,” as this period sees
many people choosing to move forward with the resolution of their marriages. January isn’t the
only divorce peak during the year however. Divorce filings also typically rise at the end of
August. These two “divorce seasons” have one thing in common – they come after the holidays.
Divorced parents in particular, may want to get through the winter or summer holidays before
embarking on divorce. The reason for this is to present a united front to kids and/or extended
family. It may be part of a strategy to remain amicable and reduce stress for everyone in the

If this is your strategy you may be contemplating a fresh start after the holidays and wondering
how to get a stress-free divorce that doesn’t involve conflict with your spouse. Divorce
Mediation is a non-adversarial form of divorce that helps you to make conscious choices about
how to get a divorce, from your property division to your child custody arrangements and how
you parent together in the future. People also choose to divorce in the New Year for tax

The following are a few reasons why people opt for divorce in the New Year:

Preserving Family Traditions Through the Holidays

Many couples decide to wait until after the holidays to divorce, allowing them to spend one last
holiday with their family. When children are involved, the decision has even more impact, as it
allows the family to maintain cherished holiday traditions.

Strategic Tax Planning

For those looking to separate their incomes for tax purposes in the upcoming year, initiating
divorce proceedings in January provides a starting point that brings clarity to the divorce.
Divorcing by the end of the New Year allows individuals to be unmarried from a tax perspective
in the following year, which facilitates strategic planning for mutual and separate assets. Divorce
mediation is an approach to divorce that resolves quicker than adversarial divorce. It allows divorcing
spouses to work together to reach a marital settlement agreement that is mutually beneficial. If
you plan to resolve your divorce within a year, choosing divorce mediation for your 2024 divorce
can speed up your divorce and facilitate efficient tax planning.

Windfalls and Bonuses

Executives and individuals with substantial incomes often receive year-end bonuses, restricted
stock units, or stock options. These windfalls are often considered marital property if they are
received during the tax year before you get a divorce. Resolving the divorce early streamlines
financial calculations and clarifies individual obligations for the subsequent year.

Creating a Financial Plan for Independence

Creating a divorce transition plan often takes time. For married couples where there is a
significant income disparity, transitioning to financial independence requires strategic planning
and clear cut boundaries. The sooner you resolve your divorce, the sooner you can
move forward with your lives. However for married couples with significant assets, this process
could require more nuance. When you embark on divorce mediation in the 2024 you
can craft a divorce plan that allows you to envisage your financial and earning potential and
divide your property in tax advantaged ways that will facilitate a fresh start in the following tax

Efficient Divorce with Mediation in the New Year

Divorce mediation expedites the resolution process, allowing couples to conclude negotiations
early in the New Year. In California, where the waiting period for the legal end of a marriage is
six months, the sooner the divorce is filed, the quicker the resolution.

Mediation fosters a collaborative process, minimizing conflict and encouraging productive
dialogue. This approach allows for efficient decision-making and an easier transition to post-
divorce life. Divorce mediation involves thorough divorce planning, including the analysis of
marital and separate property, tax implications, debts and obligations, and market conditions.
This comprehensive approach ensures a well-informed and equitable resolution.

At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation, our expert California divorce mediators specialize in assisting
individuals with complex investments, overseas assets, business interests, and inherited
property. Our unique blend of financial, legal, psychological, and mathematical expertise
ensures a peaceful and efficient divorce resolution.

You can resolve your divorce in person at offices in San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Berkeley,
CA, or work with us remotely, or both. Divorce mediation isa proactive approach that can help
you to view your divorce as a positive step toward a better future. If you’re seeking a fresh start
in the New Year, contact our experienced and highly qualified California divorce mediators to
learn more.


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