Divorce Mediation for Successful Women with Careers

Family values have certainly changed since the 1950s with a new understanding that has emerged. Marriage is now considered to be a partnership with both the women and men taking on tasks that were once considered to be traditional gender roles. In some households, women are now bringing in an income and men are taking care of the children. One thing that hasn’t shifted a lot during those years is the penalties that woman continue to face regarding the consequences of having a successful career.

Female Breadwinners

According to a recent study that asked children about their thoughts on female breadwinners, the kids said that they believed that husbands should be the breadwinners while wives should be looking after the children. In essence, the participants thought that the women should play a supporting role in their husband’s successful career.

It can happen that a woman gets a sudden promotion and the spouse becomes resentful of it. The woman will need to take on more responsibility with her new role in the company, which means that she will have less time to spend at home with the kids. In this type of scenario, mediation can help sort out the issues that came about due to the sudden career change.

Meaningful Ideas Through Effective Communication

The mediator is there to make sure that things don’t get too heated during the communication process. The goal is to have the couple exchange meaningful ideas through effective communication. This makes getting a divorce a more comprehensive and richer experience than simply opting for the traditional route of going to court. Things can get ironed out so that both parties are happy with the outcome.

The divorce is tackled on several different levels, which includes addressing psychological and emotional issues along with child custody and support, financial negotiations and much more. The mediator will also delve into post-divorce challenges that could arise such as moving and retraining for a career.

All Discussions Are Respectful

There are several topics that can be challenging when dealing with a divorcing couple that includes a woman that has had a sudden acceleration in her career. One of the subjects is the division of property since according to California law, all of the assets and earnings in the marriage must be divided equally. The woman may feel like she deserves more as the breadwinner and this topic must be discussed in a way that respects both parties. The mediator will make sure that all discussions are respectful and understanding in nature.

Mediation is the best way to get things sorted out between the couple without having to rely on the traditional legal system. If both partners decide to get their own lawyers and battle things out in court, the judge will ultimately decide the outcome of the different matters before him. There is no way to come to a settlement that is satisfactory to everyone involved, including the children. The judge will have the final say and you’ll never know which way things will go until the judgment has been handed down.

Best Outcomes

One of the best outcomes of using divorce mediation is the potential to have a divorce that is amicable where the couple can remain as friends and are able to successfully co-parent their children following the divorce. This allows the parents to provide the best support to the children while remaining great role models for them.

Use our divorce mediation services to help mediate subjects regarding the divorce agreement, the divorce transition and to help with various aspects of your life post-divorce.

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