Divorce and Separation Process

Divorce is a major life transformation, and at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation  you will feel safe and secure, knowing that our full-service divorce mediation process will take care of all aspects of your divorce. You have many demands on your time. Because we have such a diverse, collaborative team you will always have the full range of information available to make the most informed and careful decisions for your life individually as well as jointly with your divorcing spouse.

We handle ALL aspects of your divorce from beginning to end, including:

  • Offer a free confidential consultation
  • Gather and review the right information and paperwork
  • Talk with each party separately to assess your conflict and design effective action steps
  • Facilitate communication between the two of you throughout the process
  • Problem-solve on-going issues and assist you in creating solutions unique to your needs and preferences
  • Create a comprehensive and sustainable agreement, including property and debt division and a parenting plan if you have children.
  • Draft all flawless court documents
  • Meet with you to review and sign all documents
  • File all required documents with the court
  • Communicate with the court on your behalf
  • Facilitate title transfers and financial division documentation
  • Provide life coaching and counseling if needed
  • Do business appraisals if applicable

To save you money and time, we use a full range of telecommunication options. This enables us to always be in touch with you at YOUR convenience from the privacy of your office or home, including:

  • Skype
  • WebEx
  • Face Time
  • Google Chat
  • Email
  • Text

Message about Coronavirus

Our remote services and infrastructure have been set up and in place for many years and we have full capacity

to service your divorce mediation needs seamlessly.

Using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facetime and teleconferencing not only saves time and money but also retains ultimate flexibility.

E file is used to submit court documents safely.

Be safe and we are here for you for all your mediation needs.