Marital Mediation

Our marital mediation is different than marital counseling and focuses on dispute resolution. When the way the two of you resolve conflict in your marriage no longer works, your marriage suffers and may fail and thereby lead to divorce. We identify negative conflict behaviors and resolve them by marital mediation techniques. Our expert mediators help you resolve specific ongoing disputes and ameliorate negative behavior. The emphasis is on analyzing how you communicate and then teaching you more productive styles of negotiation and conflict resolution. Conflict areas can involve parenting, sexuality, finances, careers, family, spirituality, and more.

Our marital mediation process is goal oriented, time limited, and practical, and often results in clearly written agreements that 1) keep the partners in the marriage and 2) provide for easy resolution should they decide to divorce in the future. These are called post-nuptial agreements.

Our marital mediation is:

  • Time-Limited
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Practical and Specific Goals
  • Future-Oriented
  • Confidential