FAQ: How do I Get a Multi-State Divorce?

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended as legal advice. If you require guidance regarding your specific circumstances, it is highly recommended to consult with a qualified and experienced legal professional.

In the event that you reside in California while owning property in other states, or if you or your spouse currently reside out of state, or if there is a desire to relocate, you may potentially encounter a situation commonly referred to as a multi-state divorce. This type of divorce shares numerous similarities with international divorces and encompasses various scenarios.

Issues You May Face in a Multi-State Divorce

When it comes to multi-state divorces, many individuals find themselves uncertain about the extent to which divorce laws can vary from one state to another. While there are indeed numerous differences in divorce laws across states, the primary distinction lies in whether you reside in a community property state or an equitable division state. Notably, California is among the eight states that follow the community property framework, wherein marital property is divided equally, with each spouse receiving a 50% share. Conversely, the remaining states adhere to equitable division principles, which consider factors such as the parties’ contributions to the marriage, marital conduct, and other relevant aspects when dividing marital property.

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If both you and your spouse have been residents of California, dissolving your marriage can be accomplished under California law. However, complexities may arise if you and your spouse have been separated for a considerable period, with one of you residing in a different state, particularly if you possess property in other jurisdictions. In a multi-state divorce, you may encounter various challenges, including:

  • Determining the Jurisdiction for Divorce: One significant issue involves deciding where to file for divorce if one spouse is a resident of a state other than California. As part of the divorce negotiations, it becomes crucial to reach an agreement on the jurisdiction that best serves your interests.
  • Addressing Out-of-State Property: If you possess property outside of California, it is essential to understand the distinct rules governing taxes and property transfers in those jurisdictions. Even if the divorce is settled under California law, the decisions made regarding property division may have varying financial implications across different states.
  • Navigating Relocation with Children: In cases where a spouse intends to relocate, special considerations must be made when developing a multi-state parenting plan. Unlike parenting plans designed for couples residing in close proximity, multi-state parenting plans prioritize the best interests of the child, taking into account factors such as age, developmental level, and educational needs.

The Benefits of Remote Divorce Mediation for Multi-State Divorces

Comfort and Convenience

 One significant advantage of remote divorce mediation is the flexibility it provides. Unlike traditional in-person mediation, remote mediation allows you to participate in the process without the need to be physically present in the same location as your spouse. This is especially beneficial for couples who are geographically separated or in the midst of relocation. With remote mediation, you can engage in the divorce proceedings conveniently, regardless of your location.

Divorce Mediation Avoids Court Schedules

Remote divorce mediation offers a multitude of advantages, particularly for couples navigating multi-state divorces. By alleviating various stressors associated with the divorce process and decision-making, it presents an appealing alternative to traditional courtroom proceedings.

One of the key benefits of remote divorce mediation is the flexibility it provides in relation to court schedules. For instance, if you are contemplating obtaining a divorce in California, remote mediation allows you to engage in the process even if one spouse resides in a different state. This is possible because only one party needs to fulfill the residency requirements for obtaining a divorce in California. Therefore, even if you or your spouse has relocated, remote mediation can be initiated, paving the way for a divorce filing in California.

Streamlining Property Division through Remote Divorce Mediation

Remote divorce mediation offers a simplified approach to addressing property division matters, particularly when assets are located outside of California. It provides couples with the flexibility to determine their property division based on California rules, irrespective of their physical residence. This eliminates the need for both parties to be present in California to resolve such matters.

In an adversarial divorce process where two separate attorneys advocate for different rules, the complexity of property division can escalate. Even after the divorce court proceedings conclude, enforcing the divorce judgment in another state can pose further challenges. However, by opting for a cooperative approach through divorce mediation, both spouses gain control over the decision-making process and can mutually uphold the agreements reached.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation for Multi-State Divorces?

When facing the challenges of a multi-state divorce, remote divorce mediation provides a convenient and effective solution. At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation , we specialize in compassionate and highly experienced West Coast divorce mediation. With a wealth of expertise in finance, law, and psychology, we possess the necessary skills to navigate even the most complex divorces successfully.

Our advanced toolkit enables us to address various issues that commonly arise in multi-state divorces. Whether you need assistance with property appraisal in multiple states or require guidance on matters related to children and relocation, our approach is sensitive, informed, and goal-oriented. We have extensive experience working with divorcing spouses who have international ties or who are digital nomads, residing in different states or countries while working remotely.

Even if your divorce has caused significant upheaval in your life, such as relocating to a different state, remote divorce mediation offers an efficient and cost-effective means of resolving complex financial and parenting matters. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in finding mutually agreeable solutions that align with your unique circumstances and objectives.

If you are seeking professional assistance in navigating your multi-state divorce, we encourage you to Contact us to learn more about our specialized remote divorce mediation services. Our team is ready to support you through this challenging process and help you achieve a fair and satisfactory resolution.


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