Is Mediation a Good Idea in Divorce?

The fast and easy answer to this question is a resounding yes! Mediation is a good idea in divorce and for many reasons. If you are thinking about getting a divorce you have a lot to consider. Mediation can keep the process remain as stress-free and as manageable as possible. The mediator will work with both of the parties to come to an agreement.

Here are some of the reasons why mediation is a great idea in divorce:

It’s a Cost-Effective Alternative

It costs a lot for each defendant to hire their own lawyers. There are high court costs to pay as well. When you use a mediator you and your ex-spouse can both divide up the costs for using this third-party negotiator and potentially save thousands upon thousands of dollars in the process.

It’s A Lot Faster Than Litigation

It can take an extremely long time for a divorce to work its way through the court system. You’ll likely have to attend court more than once to get everything sorted. There is currently a backlog of cases waiting to be heard due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you use a private mediator, however, you can get started soon and your divorce can be over and done with much faster than it would be if you litigated the case with attorneys.

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Mediation Is Less Stressful

Things can get pretty heated in a courtroom with the lawyers trying to argue their points for their defendants. When you work with a mediator, however, you can work together to try to resolve things amicably. This can take a lot of stress out of the divorce and is the best way to find workable solutions for the future.

You’ll Remain in Control

When you put your fate in the hands of a judge you’ll never know what he will decide. The case could go either way. When you use mediation you’ll be able to have your voice heard and work towards compromises that would work well for you. It can be very risky leaving it all up to the judge to decide so it’s always best to use mediation whenever possible to work out the details of the divorce.

You’ll Have Access to an Unbiased Third Party

The mediator will come to the table with a totally unbiased viewpoint. This person has no stake in the case and nothing to gain from it emotionally. The mediator has been trained to take on a totally unbiased perspective regarding what’s best for the both of you. The role of the mediator is to help both parties reach outcomes that benefit everyone involved including the children.

It’s Easier for the Children

Mediation allows both of the parents to sit down and look at things from a new angle. The mediator will make you keep the best interests of the children in mind with every decision made. He will also stress the importance of both parents keeping a strong relationship with the children and each parent respecting the other for the younger ones.

Mediation helps ex-partners craft creative solutions that are customized and personalized to meet their needs. This is why mediation is such a good idea in divorce and should always be thought of first before hiring a lawyer. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.


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