Mediation For Title Transfers

Mediation for Title Transfers

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Quite often during a divorce a title transfer is involved and needs to be dealt with. If you decide to use a mediator to help make important decisions regarding the divorce, you’ll have more control over the settlement of your assets, which may include the ownership of property.

All debts and assets must be formally finalized before a divorce can take place. Both parties must come together and decide which assets each one will have. These are important decisions that must be made and the best way to make it them is by using a mediator. Mediation gives you more control over your assets and property including title transfers that may need to occur. The mediator will also show you why some solutions would be better than others based on his experience and knowledge.

Dividing the Property

The assets and debts will need to be divided during the mediation process and this includes 4 steps that include the following:

1. Making a list of all debts and assets assumed by the couple

2. Categorizing both the separate and the marital properties

3. Giving all properties a value

4. Deciding on an equitable and fair division of all properties

The mediator will be working with all of the steps listed above. While in some cases some of the debts and property can be valued by one or both of the spouses, professionals may need to be called in order to value other property. This is an important step to implement since no final decisions regarding property division can even be considered until everything has been valued.

Title Transfers

In many cases a title transfer needs to be drawn up for different items that may include investments, property and/or family vehicles. We are experienced professionals when it comes to transferring titles for property and vehicles and we’ll make sure that all titles are properly and legally changed. The new owner will have possession of the new title. We also work with inter-spousal grant deeds and other legal aspects of transferring titles.

Transferring a title of a property can get quite complicated but the mediator will help you with all aspects of the transfer. Everything will be documented and reported regarding the relinquishing of rights by a spouse to a piece of property.

When you’re working with a mediator and a transfer title is involved, you need to make sure that you have chosen someone that is very experienced in the field. There are a lot of implications and legalities involved with the transferring of titles and you’ll want to make sure that it’s done right the first time.

We work with divorces and separations that require transferring titles of property and will keep everything simple for you. We’ll help you work together to find a peaceful resolution by guiding the conversation towards a conclusion that is amicable and workable for both parties. We always do our best to diffuse any tension during the process so that decisions can be made based on logic instead of simply emotional reactions.

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