Parenting after divorce or separation Belmont

Divorce Belmont San Jose California
Divorce Belmont San Jose California

Divorce is very effective on every member of the family most importantly, Children. To get the best possible future for the kids, parents must come to a table and decide what is best for their kids. The parents must form a binding arrangement for the best possible future of their children. Negotiation through mediation is the best possible way to arrange this. Otherwise, any judge that knows nothing about you, your partner (husband or wife), and your kids will make the final decision for your children.

Mediation for parenting plans:

These plans are created with the cooperation of parents, to get long-term benefits for their children. This is the written form of every decision, thought, and understanding by both of the parties. The plan is right according to the agreeing, and disagreeing of parents, but is quite extensive, flexible, and specific. The mediator will make sure to add and clarify everything that can lead to some sort of misunderstanding in the future. It will have a clarified explanation of every right, obligation, and responsibility.

Most of the parenting plans are not clear enough, and they have lots of room left for later misunderstandings. The mediation will make sure that this does not happen and the plan has everything clearly defined.

Requirements of children:

Children are not used to divorces and separation. They have lots to learn, and lots of development stages to get over. As the child grows up, he/she will have different expectations from the parents. In the plan, we will make sure to add everything that is right according to the needs of your child. We will analyse whether your child needs any extra care, and needs. As the child grows, he will have different requirements, and we will make sure to add things that are flexible according to his/her age. The plan will also have a clear justification of all the expectations to the parents from the child as he/she grows up.

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Most importantly, we make sure to make the plan precisely when there is some conflict between the 2 guardians. Every aspect of the child, like “who will have the custody?” or “who will fulfill the finance?” will be clarified in the plan.

Parenting plans that are approved by the court:

We will make sure that the plans crafted by the mediator will be approved by the court. The mediator will present the crafted plan for the judge to take a good look at it. If the judge is satisfied, he will sign it off. When the plan is signed by the judge, the parents will be ready to take action according to the plan.


When a mediator drafts a parenting plan for you, you will know all of your rights, obligations, and responsibilities. You will know everything about them in the beginning, and you will know how they are going to change in the future as your child grows up. You will be seeing your children in the future while having good stability in your life. At the same time, you will give your children everything they need from you. 

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