Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans

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When a divorce or separation takes place every single member of the family is affected by it – especially the children. In order to keep some type of stability in place for the children, the parents must come together to form a binding agreement that is based on the best interests of the children. The best way to make this happen is to agree to negotiate through mediation. Otherwise, some judge that does not know you, your spouse or your children, will end up making the final decisions regarding the welfare of your kids.

Parenting Plans Mediation

Parenting plans are created that are based on parenting over the long-term with cooperation. They are sustainable, specific and extensive so that everything is understood by all parties and in writing. There will be nothing vague in the plan that could be misinterpreted later by either side. It will all be laid out in an easy A to B fashion with both spouses seeing clear-cut obligations, responsibilities and rights.

The problems with most parenting plans is that they are not explicit enough and leave a lot of room for interpretation. We make sure that doesn’t happen and that the plan covers everything required clearly and efficiently.

The Child’s Needs

The child will have many developmental needs as he grows up and we will examine them with you based on the current ages of your children. As well, we’ll find out if your child has any type of special needs that must be factored into the parenting plan. In some cases, flexibility must be added for certain things based on different requirements of the child as he continues to age. The clauses that need to be added regarding any flexibility, however, will also be worded clearly so that all parties completely understand what will be expected of them as the child grows up.

It is especially important to make sure that parenting plans are drafted precisely when there is a lot of conflict or animosity between 2 parents. All aspects of the child including custodial and financial obligations will be written into the plan.

Court-Approved Parenting Plans

The parenting plans that have been drafted by the mediator must be approved by the court. A judge will take a look at the plan and sign it off if it all looks good. Once it has been signed, the plan becomes binding.

When you use a mediator to help you craft a plan, you’ll know exactly what your rights and obligations are at the beginning and how they will be moving forward. You’ll be able to have a say in the future of your children and will be able to move forward positively with your life while at the same time giving your children the stability they require from their parents.

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