Remote Divorce Mediation

As we adjust to sheltering in place due to the coronavirus, certain aspects in life carry on as normal. Divorce mediation is one example. Here at Santa Clara  Divorce Mediation, we have been investing in our remote conferencing infrastructure which allows us to carry on with our mediation work with clients. We use many of the video and voice sharing platforms available such as Zoom, Facetime, Skype.

Winchester House, San Jose Ca

This allows us to schedule meetings at your convenience, and to work towards resolving your divorce quickly and at a lower cost. Now is not the time to be “experimenting” with remote sessions and E filing court documents. At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation we have been actively using remote services for many years and are experts in the field. Our remote systems and infrastructure have been set up over the years and run seamlessly to get the results you need

These are uncertain times but in many ways, life goes on and if you are thinking about a separation or divorce, we are set up and here to help.

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Message about Coronavirus

Our remote services and infrastructure have been set up and in place for many years and we have full capacity

to service your divorce mediation needs seamlessly.

Using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facetime and teleconferencing not only saves time and money but also retains ultimate flexibility.

E file is used to submit court documents safely.

Be safe and we are here for you for all your mediation needs.