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Search for the Best Divorce Mediation near Me

When you are looking for “divorce mediation near me” you should first have an understanding about mediation and what it entails. Mediation can help you solve the conflicts that have arisen between yourself and your ex-partner in a way that is amicable. It involves the use of a third-party person, a mediator, who makes sure…

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How Much Does a Divorce Mediator Cost in California

If you’re planning on getting a divorce you may have already looked into the cost of getting one. You may have been stunned to find out how much you would need to pay a lawyer and how much the court costs would be if you used litigation. Many couples have been financially ruined by playing…

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How Does Divorce Mediation Work in California

California divorce mediation consists of a process where a divorcing couple will meet with a neutral mediator to learn more about their options in terms of finances, support, children, property etc. The mediator also helps the 2 parties negotiate the terms of an agreement until everyone involved is satisfied with the arrangements. The meetings take…

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What Happens After Mediation in Divorce?

Not all divorces are contentious or bitter but many are. No matter what type of relationship you are having with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, mediation may be the right answer for you. It’s important to get the agreements ironed out so that both parties feel good about the decisions that they made. This is where mediation…

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Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

If you have agreed to divorce from your spouse then there are a lot of things that you will need to sort out. At times this can be overwhelming and you may be tempted to just pay divorce lawyers to sort it all out for you. Divorce mediation can be a very good alternative to…

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