Understanding How Social Media Could Impact a Custody Agreement

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In today’s society, individuals of ages are interconnected through media sites. While this helps keep residents in California and elsewhere connected to old friends and family members that live in different cities, states and even counties, these media platforms are not entirely beneficial. For divorcing parents, the details and usage of social media could negatively impact the outcomes of dissolution for one or both spouses. Moreover, the children involved could also be harmed in the process, especially if it impacts a child custody arrangement.

Social media and the Internet are, in general, very beneficial and practically necessary for many Americans today. Therefore, it is important to note ways to reduce the possibility of a divorcing parent’s presence on social media from harming a custody agreement or any other divorce decisions.

First, divorcing parents should not use their social media sites as a platform to discuss or disclose their financial situation. Such information could be used against the spouse when it comes to property division, alimony, child support or other divorce issues addressed in a divorce decree.

Second, divorcing parents should use caution when sending texts and emails to one another or when sending messages with sensitive content related to the divorce. These messages could be used against a parent in court, resulting in an unfavorable custody decision.

Lastly, use much discretion and caution when posting pictures on social media sites. The date, time, location and whether a child was there could all be factors used against the other parent. Although it might be impulsive to just delete your social media accounts, taking this drastic step during dissolution could actually be considered destruction of evidence. Therefore, divorcing parents should always exercise discretion when using social media sites during and after a divorce.

Those unsure of the steps they could take should timely become informed. This could greatly help a divorcing parent address any potential harmful evidence on their social media sites. Moreover, it could help them better protect their rights and the interests of their children.

Source: Groundreport.com, “A Look at How Social Media Is Impacting Divorce Cases,” Ben Carrasco, Oct. 2, 2016

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