Why Santa Clara Divorce Mediation Is Better Than Divorce Litigation

Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is the natural choice for clients searching for cost-efficient, cooperation-centered alternatives to litigation. We facilitate solutions to conflicts that may arise during divorce mediation, and we enable our clients to make positive and productive decisions during emotionally turbulent times. As highly experienced, dedicated mediators, we are:

San Jose City Hall, San Jose, CA
  • Confidential
  • Comprehensive
  • Efficient
  • Detail Oriented
  • Cost-Effective
  • Results Oriented
  • Creative
  • Experienced
  • Highly Educated
  • Friendly and Professional

Benefits of Our Mediation Style

  • We are cost efficient and you know exactly how your money is used.
  • Clients don’t have to go to court
  • Produces amicable agreements through mutual respect and cooperation
  • Greatly reduces the emotional toll litigation usually involves
  • Makes the process much less complicated
  • Achieves results much faster 
  • Provides a better arrangement for the whole family, if children are involved
  • Creative, sustainable, long-term solutions

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