Why You Should Use Mediation Services

Mediation is an alternative way to settle a dispute rather than using litigation. We want you to understand the benefits of using mediation services so please read this short article from beginning to end so that you are aware of all of the advantages.

What are Mediation Services?

An experienced and trained mediator who facilitates discussion and the best way to resolve the dispute brings the two parties to the dispute together. After the two parties reach agreement the mediator will draw up any necessary paperwork and file with the courts. One of the most common uses of mediation services is a divorce settlement.

Mediation Services are cheaper than hiring Lawyers

Mediation will be cheaper than using litigation because you only need one mediator but two attorneys. As an example you can normally have a divorce settled with a mediator for between $5,000 and $10,000. You will be looking at three times this amount if you go with lawyers and that is if everything goes smoothly (which it rarely does).

Mediated Settlements tend to happen Faster

Litigation can take a really long time. In most towns and cities you will have to wait a year for a court date and that is on top of the time you have to wait for the two lawyers to go back and forth with different offers etc. So you could be looking at least two years for a divorce. Are you happy to wait all that time?

If you use mediation services you will be in control of how quickly things happen. It is not uncommon to settle a divorce in 2-3 months using a mediator. Most people just want to get things settled and move on with their life which is why mediation is such a popular service.  

Mediation Services bring Mutually Agreed Outcomes

Would you sooner have played a large part in the final agreement between you and the other party or would you sooner have something imposed upon you by a court? A mediator will encourage mutual discussion and agreement with any settlement whereas if the legal system is used the courts will decide your future.

Agreements have a higher rate of Compliance

When two people have used a mediator to resolve their differences then they will have been included in the final settlement. This makes them a lot more likely to adhere to the terms of the agreement. A court decided outcome may not suit either party and there is a much higher chance that the parties will not be compliant with this.

More than just Legal Agreements

You can address legal and extra legal issues when you use mediation services. You can have a mediated agreement which covers psychological and procedural issues that may not be subject to legal determination. You can basically customize your mediated agreement to exactly fit your circumstances.

You have more Control

Remember that when you use mediation services you will be effectively negotiating the settlement with the other party so you have a lot more control over the outcome. The mediator is just there to facilitate and keep things moving. If you go legal then the courts decide the outcome and you have very little control if any.

Mediated Agreements tend to be more workable

When you use a mediator for your settlement you are far more likely to end up with an agreement that you can implement because you have been involved with the details of the agreement. Many times the courts have ordered a person to do something which is unworkable.

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