A Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer

If you are getting a divorce then have you thought about a divorce mediator Vs lawyer? May be you are not aware of what a divorce mediator does and how they can help you. We want you to make the right decision about your divorce settlement so here we will compare what you will get from a mediator and divorce lawyers.

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Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – the Cost

The cost of a litigated divorce is not cheap. You will need two divorce lawyers as opposed to one divorce mediator. With an uncomplicated divorce you will easily spend $30,000 for the lawyer fees and if there are complications then you could have to pay $100,000 or more.

A divorce mediator will cost only a fraction of hiring divorce lawyers. You will need to pay for the mediation fees and the paperwork that the mediator will create for you. In most cases you will be looking at less than $5,000 and in the worst cases less than $10,000.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – your Children

When you use a divorce mediator the needs of your kids will be the highest priority. All of the discussions and the final agreement will be tested for the impact that they have on your children. You and your spouse will be encouraged to work together to ensure that you take into account your children’s best interests.

When you use litigation it is quite possible that your children may have to make an appearance in court or undergo psychological evaluations which are distressing. This is especially true if there are disputes over custody.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – being in Control or letting others Decide?

One of the major benefits of divorce mediation is that you and your spouse are fully involved in the outcome of your divorce. It is the mediator’s job to facilitate positive discussions that will lead to a mutually agreeable solution.

If you use divorce lawyers and the courts then it is very possible that the final decision will not be to your liking or your spouse’s or children. The judge will impose the final decision on all of you and then you will have to comply with it which can be very difficult.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – Privacy

Divorce mediation is always confidential and nothing that you or your spouse says will ever be public record. All of the decisions that you make take place in a private meeting area where only you, your spouse and your mediator are present.

It is a very different story with litigated divorce. There will be declarations filed by both lawyers and the court records as well and these are all available for the public to see. People can even read your divorce details on the Internet.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – Parenting Decisions

Your mediator will be happy to help you with parenting plans and will be willing to change these if they are not working out as they should. With litigation custody is determined by the court and if changes are required then a court attendance will be necessary each time.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – a fair Split

A divorce mediator is neutral and will not take sides. They want to see that the final settlement is fair to all concerned. This is less likely to happen with litigation as you have some lawyers that are more aggressive than others, how hard each spouse is prepared to battle, the mood that the judge is in and so on.

Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer – how long will it take?

With a litigated divorce you can literally be talking about years. Most attorneys will not be in a rush to settle your divorce and there is usually always a long wait for a court date. With mediation you dictate the pace and it is possible to conclude the whole process in a few weeks.

As you can see from the divorce mediator Vs lawyer analysis above there are many advantages to using a mediator for your divorce. We can help you with all of your divorce mediation needs so please click here for more information.

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