Negative Health Impacts of Divorce

Want to Avoid the Negative Health Impacts of Divorce?

Choose Divorce Mediation

Now more than ever, it’s important to look after your health. Divorce has known health impacts, from cardiovascular effects to weight gain. Even if divorce is much better for you in the long run, it’s important to be mindful that the cure isn’t worse than the disease.

If you think divorce has to involve fighting it out in court, divorce mediation proves otherwise. The health effects of divorce arise from the stress of divorce on multiple levels: from conflict, to a feeling of bereavement to lacking the skills or finances to take care of yourself.

Divorce mediation is a process that can be fully compliant with the law while at the same time giving back the power over your split to you and your divorcing spouse. Divorce mediation doesn’t mean doing divorce “by the book.” For example if your spouse took care of all the cooking, a good divorce plan can involve learning how to cook, or sharing meal plans. Financial education and planning is also important during uncertain times. In mediation you can make a careful plan that benefits you both. This will lower your stress levels rather than introducing the stress of an adversarial divorce.

The Health Benefits of a Peaceful Divorce

Divorce is considered one of the major traumatic life events: it is shown to cause stress that is second only to bereavement.

At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation, we use our legal, financial and psychoanalytical expertise to actively reduce the trauma of divorce.

There are so many things to consider in times like these: do you still trust your ex to make medical decisions for you? How can you plan to cover yourself financially if you get sick? How do you agree on homeschooling your kids? How do you make sure you stay physically healthy and eat right / get enough exercise? And how do you make sure your retirement plan or financial plan stays steady?

Fortunately, divorce mediation is the place to resolve any issue related to your divorce. Divorce mediation is not just about asset division and the law. The mediators at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation can work with you to tackle your divorce on all levels: emotional, financial, psychoanalytical and practical, for better emotional, financial and physical health.

Our Services and How We Can Help

Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is the intelligent choice for professional clientele. We provide you with cost-effective, results-oriented, cooperative solutions to interpersonal conflicts.

We utilize the most current research on effective negotiation, mediation, collaboration and cooperation in non-adversarial forms of conflict resolution and management. Our comprehensive approach helps you make productive and positive decisions in the midst of emotionally charged conflicts which may be particularly stressful against the background of the Covid-19 crisis. Anyone going on the emotional journey of divorce deserves confidentiality, care and the chance to thrive after divorce. Many people expect they will have to pour time, money and resources into a competitive divorce.

At Santa Clara Divorce Mediation, we never do adversarial divorce. Instead, we help divorcing spouses optimize all assets in the community property, saving time and money and protecting emotional stability. We believe that, given guidance and opportunity, people can work together to resolve their disputes in a way that benefits the whole family. We are committed to mediation as a process that helps families fulfill their joint and individual responsibilities in new and productive ways.

Our mediations are safe and socially distanced, using videoconferencing services like Zoom and Skype. All remote mediations are completely confidential with the added security of a private, encrypted server. Please contact us to see how we can help you move forward with your divorce, or transition to remote divorce mediation.

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