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What Is Mediation in Law

There has been a lot of talk about mediation in law and if you are currently going through a divorce or will be soon, you should be learning more about mediation and how it legally applies to you. Parties that will be going through litigation for divorce should keep their minds open about mediation since…

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How Does Divorce Mediation Work in California

California divorce mediation consists of a process where a divorcing couple will meet with a neutral mediator to learn more about their options in terms of finances, support, children, property etc. The mediator also helps the 2 parties negotiate the terms of an agreement until everyone involved is satisfied with the arrangements. The meetings take…

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Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is Your Best Choice for Divorce

Many people who are considering divorce think litigation is the only course of action. They anticipate facing enormous financial and emotional challenges—spending tens of thousands of dollars on divorce attorney’s fees, having to appear in court numerous times, and going through hours of antagonistic negotiations with “the other side” and a win-lose outcome. That doesn’t…

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