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What to Wear to Divorce Mediation

If you have a divorce mediation session coming up you may be wondering what you should be wearing for it. Divorce mediation usually requires more than one meeting in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion on matters such as the division of assets and property, support payments, custody and much more. Quite often it…

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Divorce Mediation Tips You Should Know before Starting Mediation

If you’re planning on getting a divorce you’re probably considering mediation as a cost-effective way to resolve your issues. When you’re unable to see eye to eye on some topics, mediation is your best option. Before getting started, however, you should read through these helpful tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.…

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Multi-State Divorce Issues Atherton Ca

Multi-State Issues If a divorce or separation seems imminent and you or your partner are living across state lines, you may have assumed that hiring a lawyer is the only way to finalize things. Fortunately, mediation can be used when you and your spouse are not living in the same state. You don’t have to…

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