Divorce Mediation Tips You Should Know before Starting Mediation

If you’re planning on getting a divorce you’re probably considering mediation as a cost-effective way to resolve your issues. When you’re unable to see eye to eye on some topics, mediation is your best option. Before getting started, however, you should read through these helpful tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Gather up the Proper Documents

Make up a list of the documents you will need to provide at mediation ahead of time. When you have your first free consultation ask the mediator what types of documents are required so that you can go ahead and gather them up. Sometimes you may have to get these documents from your bank or other financial institutions so it’s best to get started sooner than later.

Go in with the Right Mindset

Agree to attend mediation in good faith with realistic expectations. You’re going to be doing everything you can to find some common ground with your ex to come to a successful resolution. Mediation is not about trying to get your own way about everything and walking away with everything. Expect that you’ll be reasonably satisfied with the ultimate outcome. This would be a lot better than having a judge decide for you what your future will hold.

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Understand That Your Children Will Come First

If there are any children that will be affected by the divorce you should be aware that they will be kept as a priority. It’s not all about what you or your ex individually want for your children but what is best for them. Expect the mediator to guide you towards making a decision based on your children’s best interests and nothing less.

Be Willing to Actively Participate

You’ll have to be an active participant in the mediation sessions and be cooperative. This may take some work on your part and you can expect some give-and-take during the process. Be willing to explore different options and don’t give up when things get a bit tough. Quite often a successful resolution comes about after some difficult discussions take place.

Establish What You’d Be Willing to Give Up

There are some things that you may be willing to give up that you haven’t yet explored. Take a deep look at the issues and decide on some key points that you would be willing to compromise on before getting started. It’s important to remain flexible during the negotiations to get the best outcome possible.

Ask to Take a Break When Necessary

If things start to get too heated and you want to take a break to clear your head, ask the mediator for a timeout. Mediators are experts in understand that sometimes it’s necessary just to step away for a few minutes when things seem to get too overwhelming.
It’s also important to understand that your ex-spouse will also have to compromise and be flexible. This isn’t a one-way street that you’re following and your ex will have to give up some things as well. The important thing is to come to a mutual agreement that is accepted and is satisfactory to both parties.


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