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What to Wear to Divorce Mediation

If you have a divorce mediation session coming up you may be wondering what you should be wearing for it. Divorce mediation usually requires more than one meeting in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion on matters such as the division of assets and property, support payments, custody and much more. Quite often it…

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How to Find a Mediator for Divorce

Mediation is used by thousands upon thousands of people across the country every day to help them navigate through the divorce maze. It helps people negotiate the divorce terms without having to use expensive lawyers and go to court. It’s much more informal than litigation and is often much faster. It all starts by hiring…

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Divorce Mediation Duration and Costs

First things first, the time the divorce mediation process takes may depend on a few important factors. The first one is whether you and your spouse have come to any agreements prior to starting mediation. Similarly, the nature of the issues that are left to be discussed during mediation may well affect the time it…

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