Divorce Mediation Duration and Costs

First things first, the time the divorce mediation process takes may depend on a few important factors. The first one is whether you and your spouse have come to any agreements prior to starting mediation. Similarly, the nature of the issues that are left to be discussed during mediation may well affect the time it takes to reach a complete agreement as well.

Another crucial factor is the willingness you and your spouse show when it comes to coming to an agreement. If even one of you sticks to something without budging at all, it may delay things and take longer to complete the process. If you show willingness and are open to compromises in order to reach an agreement that would be equitable for both you and your spouse, things may speed up quite a bit.

Similarly, when it comes to issues related to your children, focusing on reaching an agreement that’s in their best interests, instead of just sticking to your personal interests or preferences may go a long way in reducing the time it would take to mediate.

Also, even if you don’t manage to come to any agreements before starting with mediation, the time taken can still be reduced considerably if you just narrow down the options to a few reasonable, workable ones. It’s not something all couples would want to do though, as if you know that you’re not being able to communicate outside of mediation, trying to come to any agreements before starting mediation may be a big no. It may only make things more challenging and time consuming while mediating.

As far as the average duration is concerned, for pre-decree mediation, it tends to be just in the range of 3-4 weeks. (instead of sessions) However, again, it depends on the kind of communication as well as the level of animosity that exists between the couple. Usually, mediation doesn’t work very well in cases where one of the parties is not willing to budge at all. In such cases, litigation may be the only option, and it would mean shutting down communication and having a long, expensive court battle.

The Costs

Coming to the costs, as you probably already know, mediation wins hands down on this front when compared to a court battle. The divorce in the bay area coast round 250000….. Cost of mediation is 10% – 25% of this

More importantly, however, it’s the stress and frustration a court battle involves that makes it a real struggle. More often than not, neither of the parties walk away satisfied after a litigation divorce case is settled. In other words, it usually ends up being a lose-lose situation for both the parties involved.

On the other hand, mediating couples tend to be much more satisfied, given that they usually get what they want. After all, which couple would want their children’s future to be decided by not themselves, but the attorneys and the judge? Similarly, it’s you who knows more about yourself and what you want. Do you really think it would be a good idea to let the judge and attorneys, who are complete strangers to you, decide how you’re going to live the rest of your life?

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