What divorce documents Should I bring in San Jose?

Documents Required for Meetings with a Divorce Mediator

Meeting up with a divorce mediator can feel rather confronting at the beginning. You’re going to be exposing your personal details to a stranger and the process can seem quite complicated before getting started. It’s important, however, to take up all of the divorce issues such as property, children and finances in order to come to an agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

The thing that you can do to make it all easier it is to learn what documents you’ll need beforehand so that you can take the time to gather them up. This will simplify the process significantly and once you get started with mediation you may find that it goes smoother than you first imagined.

Our highly qualified mediators are experts in the field and we are dedicated to finding creative solutions that work for you and your partner. We don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all solution to any divorce and all family members, including children, must be taken into account.

The documents that you’ll need to supply for your divorce mediation include the following:

  • Personal identification documents
  • Tax return (most recent one)
  • List of debts
  • Information regarding your income
  • Property valuation
  • Retirement documents
  • Health insurance documents

These are the most common documents that we will require and in certain circumstances we may ask you to provide others if need be.

Personal Identification Documents

The mediator that is going to be working with you will require basic identification documents which may include your Social Security card, birth certificates of your children and your marriage certificate. You’ll be informed by the mediator regarding the documents required for the first meeting.

Tax Return

In the majority of cases we will ask you to bring in a copy of the last tax return you have received. In certain cases we will also need copies of the returns you have from previous years. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

List of Debts

According to the law in California, your debts will be split based upon the law and any personal preferences you may have. Please gather up any loan documents, statements from credit cards and proof of any other types of debts you may have. Look through the documents to make sure that they show when the debt was first incurred since any debts that were taken on before the start of the marriage may need to be discussed further.

Information Regarding Your Income

In many instances spousal and child support will need to be discussed during the mediation sessions. Both you and your partner will be required to provide income proof from investments, gas and oil royalties, self-employment and jobs. This proof should reflect your current income status.

Property Valuation

You will need to provide property valuation documents for a house, boat, car or other property that has a high value. The documents required include valuation and ownership documents, a vehicle title or the house deed.

Retirement Documents

We will need to take a look at any retirement plans you may have. Many couples that are getting a divorce split the retirement earnings that have been accumulating up to the time of the divorce.

Health Insurance Documents

We will ask you to provide proof of any coverage you have for health insurance. This is required since it will help determine who will assume the responsibility of healthcare for the children and this data will be included in any custody or child support arrangements.

When you have all of your paperwork in place it will greatly speed up the divorce mediation process. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the documents before we get started and we will help guide you in the right direction.

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