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Most Common Divorce Mediation Myths

Misconceptions about divorce mediation can prevent people from fully utilizing its benefits. Understanding the truth about the mediation process is critical because it can be a valuable alternative to lengthy and costly court proceedings. Before proceeding with a divorce in court, the involvement of a mediator may be required in some cases. Consider the following…

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Divorce Mediation Tips You Should Know before Starting Mediation

If you’re planning on getting a divorce you’re probably considering mediation as a cost-effective way to resolve your issues. When you’re unable to see eye to eye on some topics, mediation is your best option. Before getting started, however, you should read through these helpful tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.…

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The process to mediate a divorce

If both parties have decided to end their marriage then there is an alternative to expensive divorce lawyers. They have different choices to end their marriage. Mediation is better than hiring a divorce lawyer. Mediation is cheaper than lawyers, and they can do the divorce procedure more smoothly, and quickly. By hiring a mediate, both…

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What divorce documents Should I bring in San Jose?

Documents Required for Meetings with a Divorce Mediator Meeting up with a divorce mediator can feel rather confronting at the beginning. You’re going to be exposing your personal details to a stranger and the process can seem quite complicated before getting started. It’s important, however, to take up all of the divorce issues such as…

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7 Ways Divorce Mediation Is a Better Choice than Going to Court

Why Divorce Mediation Is Often a Better than Court Trial  The whole divorce procedure can be long and traumatic to most people. Although there is no easy divorce process, a mediator can help both parties to come up with the best settlement in the most the convenient way. A divorce mediator acts as the neutral person between the petitioner and the other spouse. She or he encourages both…

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All Court Documents

One of the elements of a divorce that makes it so complicated is the amount of paperwork involved. The documents need to be filled out properly and just one mistake can lead to a number of problems down the road. A lawyer will charge you thousands of dollars to simply fill out these documents on…

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