Efficient Approach to Divorce Mediation

Getting a divorce, a separation or an annulment is never an easy decision to make. Using a divorce mediation specialist is an important step forward that ensures that your divorce or separation ends fairly. Mediation is the most cost-effective and efficient approach that can be taken. Mediation Issues May Include: · Legal divorce · Separation…

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Why Divorce Mediation Is Often Better than Court Trial

The whole divorce procedure can be long and traumatic to most people. Although there is no easy divorce process, a mediator can help both parties to come up with the best settlement in the most convenient way. A divorce mediator acts as the neutral person between the petitioner and the other spouse. She or he…

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Experienced Divorce Mediators Santa Clara Couples Can Count On

For more than 30 years, the experienced mediating team at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation has saved couples money, time, and stress by employing the most current research-based techniques for effective negotiation, collaboration, and cooperation at even the most emotionally charged times. With our extensive expertise in divorce finances and taxation, psychology and the law, we…

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Why Santa Clara Divorce Mediation Is Better Than Divorce Litigation

Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is the natural choice for clients searching for cost-efficient, cooperation-centered alternatives to litigation. We facilitate solutions to conflicts that may arise during divorce mediation, and we enable our clients to make positive and productive decisions during emotionally turbulent times. As highly experienced, dedicated mediators, we are: Confidential Comprehensive Efficient Detail Oriented…

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Santa Clara Divorce Mediation is Your Best Choice for Divorce

Many people who are considering divorce think litigation is the only course of action. They anticipate facing enormous financial and emotional challenges—spending tens of thousands of dollars on divorce attorney’s fees, having to appear in court numerous times, and going through hours of antagonistic negotiations with “the other side” and a win-lose outcome. That doesn’t…

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How To Mediate A Divorce

How To Mediate A Divorce If you have agreed to end your marriage then you need to know that you have choices when it comes to making your divorce final. Mediation is a good alternative to using divorce lawyers because it is usually cheaper, faster and you end up with an agreement that you have…

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Filing For A Divorce Without A Lawyer

Filing For A Divorce Without A Lawyer A lot of people believe that you have to hire lawyers to file for a divorce but this is not true. There are no laws that say you have to hire divorce attorneys to conduct divorce negotiations, and a lot of couples will hire lawyers because they believe…

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A Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer

A Divorce Mediator Vs Lawyer If you are getting a divorce then have you thought about a divorce mediator Vs lawyer? May be you are not aware of what a divorce mediator does and how they can help you. We want you to make the right decision about your divorce settlement so here we will…

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Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

Is Divorce Mediation Right For You? If you have agreed to divorce from your spouse then there are a lot of things that you will need to sort out. At times this can be overwhelming and you may be tempted to just pay divorce lawyers to sort it all out for you. Divorce mediation can…

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“I’m Sorry You Were Offended” Is Not Really an Apology!

Aha! The 5-step path to the true apology. Psychology today presents an interesting attempt to convince the reader to feel guilt for their legitimately hurtful actions, and then the proper procedure for offering the apology to another person. His article revolves around the notion of empathy, that if the reader wishes to feel sorry and…

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