Divorce Mediation Information

Divorce Mediation San Jose Ca

Getting a divorce can be a stressful event but thankfully there are alternatives to going through the legal process with attorneys and court proceedings. You can avoid litigation and keep control of your life by finding a peaceful and private solution to your family conflicts. Mediation provides couples with the guidance and information they need…

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Divorce Mediation near Me – Is It Legally Binding?

Divorce mediation is the most common method used when a divorce is imminent. Using mediation can help save you money and time when compared to litigation to the court system. Litigation using a lawyer and the courts can be very expensive even when the divorce case is relatively simple. Mediation gives the couple that is…

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Family business and divorce in San Jose

How Does Divorce Affect a Family Business in San Jose When you’re getting a California divorce and you have complex assets, these assets may include a family business. This is tricky, because you and your family and/or your spouse have built this business together. Going your separate ways as a couple could mean a major…

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How is a house split in a San Jose divorce?

How to Stay Rational When Making Emotional Decisions About Property in Divorce Is selling your home or second home a purely financial and rational decision, or is it anemotional one? In most cases, it’s a bit of both. When you own more than one home in aCalifornia divorce you have to decide on the value…

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What to Wear to Divorce Mediation

If you have a divorce mediation session coming up you may be wondering what you should be wearing for it. Divorce mediation usually requires more than one meeting in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion on matters such as the division of assets and property, support payments, custody and much more. Quite often it…

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What Is Mediation in Law

There has been a lot of talk about mediation in law and if you are currently going through a divorce or will be soon, you should be learning more about mediation and how it legally applies to you. Parties that will be going through litigation for divorce should keep their minds open about mediation since…

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Search for the Best Divorce Mediation near Me

When you are looking for “divorce mediation near me” you should first have an understanding about mediation and what it entails. Mediation can help you solve the conflicts that have arisen between yourself and your ex-partner in a way that is amicable. It involves the use of a third-party person, a mediator, who makes sure…

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Is Mediation a Good Idea in Divorce?

The fast and easy answer to this question is a resounding yes! Mediation is a good idea in divorce and for many reasons. If you are thinking about getting a divorce you have a lot to consider. Mediation can keep the process remain as stress-free and as manageable as possible. The mediator will work with…

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How to Schedule Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is much different from court litigation since you’ll be working with a private mediator that offers a flexible schedule. Not everyone can make it to a meeting during regular business hours and you should look for a mediator that understands this and offers scheduled meetings at your convenience. The schedule for divorce mediation…

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